Planet-Conscious Personal Styling


I provide a sustainable, friendly and personalised styling service, helping people with their confidence by dressing for their body shape and colouring.

  • Too many clothes and noting to wear?
  • Struggling to feel joy through your clothes?
  • Want to look a certain way but not sure where to start?
  • Lost your sense of identity and want to find your style personality?
  • Fallen out of love with fast fashion but still want to feel stylish?

If you are asking yourself any of these questions, I can help you.

When we know how to dress to showcase our personalities, our spending is more focused. We don’t waste our money.  Each item bought needs to make us feel good… if it doesn’t, then it doesn’t deserve a place in our wardrobe!!

My Services

Virtual and In-Person in Oxfordshire

Colour analysis | £45

Colour is a magical thing! It can lift us, empower us and spread joy. Find colours that compliment and showcase your unique colouring. Process: We’ll have an initial telephone or video chat to discuss you and … Then I will send you an online questionnaire to complete. You will also need to send me some head and shoulders photos for me use in my analysis but I’ll go through how to get the best shot! Once I have all this information, I’ll create a palette of beautiful colours to compliment your unique colouring! We’ll have a follow up call to go through them and I’ll provide you with a pdf palette to which you can continue to refer back.

Body-Shape analysis | £50

Find out about your body shape. You’ll learn which cuts and shapes suit you best and how to use your clothing to showcase your body. We’ll look at your horizontal “shape” and also your vertical proportions – do you have a short torso with legs or short legs and a long torso or are you balanced? We go through styling tips and tricks to get the best out of your figure. You’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to dress your body in the way you want.

Wardrobe edit

If you have already had the body-shape analysis, let’s dive into your wardrobe and see what’s showing you at your best, what we can tweak and what just needs to go! We can ‘shop your wardrobe’ and identify any gaps for you to take shopping! You will go through piece and photograph them so we can get creative and “shop your wardrobe” creating outfits and capsules.

*This is a service to add onto a body-shape analysis at a later date as this is essential knowledge to editing your wardrobe. Approx. 2 hours £80 minimum + £20 for every additional ½ hour. In-person visits available within 20 miles of Oxford

Charity shop personal shop | £40/ph

in-person in either Headington or Summertown, Oxford. Includes a coffee and a chat initial meeting before we hit the shops. It isn’t guaranteed that you will find anything on your shopping list but we shall explore the treasures available and have some fun trying on different garments and accessories. Charity shop shopping needs a open mind and a grateful heart. We should recognise that we shop there by choice and not necessity so I like to make a donation at the same time… a great time to drop off the “just needs to go” pile from your wardrobe edit! Approx. 1.5-2 hours £40 per hour, no minimum

Sewing patterns for your wardrobe | £25 for up to 5 items

If you like to sew, I can recommend some patterns and fabric so you can create some gorgeous personal pieces – slow fashion at its best!

Full personal styling

Colour and body-shape analysis and the wardrobe edit from above, plus either the charity shop personal shopping or an online shop. Online personal shop – Armed with your shopping list, let me help you source your second-hand, vintage and sustainable treasures. I’ll also look at small and local businesses to support. We’ll look at outfit creation using your wardrobe – contact me for a quote


Why use Sustainably Styled?

Why use Sustainably Styled?

What’s the difference between using my services and an online personalised shopping service? There are a few personalised shopping services on the market (e.g. Lookiero or Stitch Fix). They are just that – shopping services.  Normally there is a styling fee and then...

Why is fast fashion bad?

Why is fast fashion bad?

There are some shocking statistics about the fashion industry... Couture fashion has 2 seasons a year (Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter), fast fashion has 52!  52 micro-seasons a year, constantly churning out new product lines at an unsustainable...

Why choose sustainable style?

Why choose sustainable style?

Sustainable style looks at better options for our clothing.  When something is sustainable, it provides benefit socially, economically and environmentally. For example, vintage clothing has many advantages over fast fashion. It is often made of...