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I provide a sustainable, friendly and personalised styling service, helping people with their confidence by dressing for their body shape and colouring. I am a qualified Style Coach™ and a member of the International Association of Style Coaches.

  • Too many clothes and nothing to wear?
  • Struggling to feel joy through your clothes?
  • Want to look a certain way but not sure where to start?
  • Lost your sense of identity and want to find your style personality?
  • Fallen out of love with fast fashion but still want to feel stylish?

If any of these questions are ringing true, let me help you.

When we know how to dress, showcasing our true personality, our spending is more focused. We don’t waste our money.  Each item bought needs to make us feel good… if it doesn’t, then it doesn’t deserve a place in our wardrobe!!

A change in our clothing isn’t going to fix the world but it’s an excellent place to start!


Testimonial: Hannah, Full Personal Styling

“Lucy’s ethos encourages sustainable shopping and fashion upcycling, which I love. So I invited her to style me!

Lucy worked out which colours suit my skintone and hair, did a ruthless wardrobe edit with me and then put together a LookBook of combinations of my own clothes that I’d never even considered. It was like I had a brand new wardrobe, without spending a penny!

I consult her LookBook everyday when I’m putting together an out fit. She’s magic.”

Testimonial: Sophie, Full Personal Styling

I used to be really confident in my taste in clothes and my ability to dress well during my fun years living in London but after moving away from there and having my three sons I definitely lost my way and my self confidence.

Lucy has given me a lot of my confidence back through teaching me about the best ways to dress and style myself. Lucy styled not just to my shape but also to my colour palette, my preferences, my ideals and my budget. I can now shop confidently which is a wonderful feeling, as are the comments I have had from many friends, none of which knew I was having style advice!
I definitely recommend Lucy to everyone, she is so passionate and knowledgeable. You will thank yourself if you do!”

Testimonial: Beth, Wardrobe Edit

“So this lovely lady, Sustainably Styled,  came to my house today to help me edit my wardrobe. it was perfect timing as I was switching my summer wardrobe out and winter in.

She helped give me confidence to donate the items that just don’t work for me but also has given me so many ideas on how to mix up the pieces I do have!!

She also pointed out I own no trousers apart from jeans and the honest truth was I wouldn’t know where to start so we’re going to arrange a personal shop to replace my worn out jeans and try some new styles.”

Testimonial: Steph, Full Personal Styling

“I have quite bad body confidence. I was always told I was the ‘strong, sporty girl’ in the family which although a compliment, it has meant I look in the mirror and just see a man’s body. I shy away from anything too feminine as don’t think I really deserve it. Who am I trying to kid, right?! Thanks to Lucy, I feel like actually I can wear feminine dresses and look like a woman in my own right.”

My Services

Virtual and In-Person in Oxfordshire

Colour analysis | £125

Colour is a magical thing! It can lift us, empower us and spread joy. Find colours that compliment, and showcase, your unique colouring. This can be done in-person or virtually.

An in-person colour analysis involves “colour draping” where we see the affect of colour on you! Learn your best colours, how to wear them and even some colour psychology!

The virtual analysis involves an initial call and then you will need to send me photos for the analysis (I’ll show you how!). I’ll collate a palette of beautiful colours to compliment your unique colouring! We’ll have a follow up call to go through them and I’ll provide you with a colour fan to keep and refer back to.

Body-Shape analysis | £95

Your body is unique and wonderful.  By knowing and understanding your body shape, you’ll learn which cuts and shapes suit you best and how to use your clothing to showcase your brilliant body.

We’ll look at your horizontal shape & your vertical proportions – do you have a short torso with long legs or short legs and a long torso or are you balanced?

We’ll go through styling tips and tricks to get the best out of your figure. You’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to dress your body in the way you want.

I’ll give you a summary of our discussions to take away with you.


Wardrobe edit | £195

Let’s dive into your wardrobe and see what’s showing you at your best, what we can tweak and what just needs to go! We can ‘shop your wardrobe’ and identify any gaps for you to take shopping!  We will get creative and ‘shop your wardrobe’ creating outfits and capsules for all occasions.

I also offer a free disposal service for your unwanted items.

Ask me about my mending service.

£195 for 3 hours + £50 for every additional hour. In-person visits available within 50 miles of Oxford

A digital ‘Lookbook’ record of your wardrobe with outfit reminders and the style tips discussed during the edit – £80

Sustainable personal shop | £150 for 2.5 hours

Depending on your preferences and budget, I’ll take you on a fun shopping experience.  Find those key pieces or fill the gaps in your wardrobe at the charity shops, vintage shops or the more sustainable end of the high street.  As well as a personal shopper, you’ll styling tips and advice during the session.

Charity shop personal shopping available at Headington, Summertown, Oxford, Oxfam Superstore or Abingdon.

Includes an initial coffee and a chat before we hit the shops. Let’s explore the treasures available and have some fun!

Charity shop shopping needs a open mind and a grateful heart. I like to make a donation at the same time… a great time to drop off the “just needs to go” pile from your wardrobe edit!


Sewing pattern ADVICE for your wardrobe | £25 for up to 5 items

If you like to sew, I can recommend some patterns and fabric types so you can create some gorgeous personal pieces – slow fashion at its best!

Ensure your precious time sewing is spent making something that wow’s you at the end and fit cohesively with your style!

I can recommend fabrics for your body-shape and lifestyle so your me-made garments will be a treasured  part of your wardrobe.

You’ll love saying “Why, thank you, I made it myself!”

Full personal styling

| £495

Save £70 when you book the full styling package.  Investing in yourself It is the best self-care.  Knowing and understanding your style, your colours and what shapes you like to wear is powerful. 

This is the full package – Colour and body-shape analysis, the wardrobe edit from above, we’ll nail your style personality, plus a personal shopping (see above) or an online shop.

With the online personal shop – Armed with your shopping list, let me help you source your second-hand, vintage and sustainable treasures. I’ll also look at small and local businesses to support.

Colour / style parties | £40 per person, max 5 people

Fancy a evening with a twist? Get friends together and enjoy  learning about your colours or style tips.

Max. 5 people. Great for a hen do activity or birthday gift. You provide the drinks and nibbles, I’ll provide the colour!


Refashioning and mending services | price on request

A dropped hem, buttons missing, minor repairs or some tweaks to a garment?  I offer a refashioning and mending service to keep your clothing in circulation.

If you want to tailor any of the options, please do get in touch and let’s have a chat! – contact me for a quote


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