There is much advice out there on how to hold a good Clothes Swap but not many tips for the “Swishers” themselves. So here are my top tips on how to get the most out of attending a Clothes Swap.

  • Goodwill – Bring along clean, good quality items. If everyone does this, there’ll be more happy swishers! 
  • It’s not about equivalent value.  Unworn clothes in our wardrobes hold negativity (they can remind us of, amongst other things, the money we spent on them) so once you decide to donate, put those pieces out of your mind and move on.
  • Wear something you can try on items over the top of e.g. leggings and a vest top! You never know what changing facilities will be available – at the least, it will save you time queing for them! 
  • Look outside your size! People donate clothes because they may have shrunk or may not have been a good fit for that size in the first place. Many things can be worn ‘over-sized’ too!
  • What’s catching your eye? Clothes won’t necessarily be laid out beautifully, like in a shop, so look for colours and textures that take your fancy! Whatever it is that draws you in, try it on!
  • Time to think creatively!   Found something you quite like, but it’s too long/ the sleeves aren’t right/ it’s got a strange band on the bottom?… Can it be shortened, altered, chopped off?! Even a simple change of buttons can make a huge difference!  
  • It’s not a good swap if you don’t end up wearing it. If it’s not right, leave it for someone else. 
  • Have a ‘fluid’ wishlist in mind of things that will be useful in your wardrobe but, of course, you never know what will be there!
  • The rule of 3.  Think – can you wear it 3 ways or do you have 3 events you can wear it to? If yes, then it’s a great swap!
  • Experiment!….Absolutely going back on my previous advice, this can be a great opportunity to push the boundaries of your personal style… without the price-tag!

Mostly, just have fun and enjoy the process!



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