Sustainability Policy

My Ethos

My ethos is “Do your best”! As the saying goes, “we don’t need one person doing sustainability perfectly; we need millions of people doing it imperfectly”. I dipped my toe into sustainability in November 2018 when I began a “no new clothes for a year” challenge. I started to write a blog and set up my Instagram account colour_me_sustainable to document my journey.

My interest in finding out more about the fashion industry itself came from watching worrying documentaries. I completed the fascinating Fashion Resolution course “Fashion’s Future: The Sustainable Development Goals” which really spurred me on to continue to source more sustainable options for my wardrobe. I embarked on Project 333 to create a capsule wardrobe to feel more in control of my wardrobe and see how many clothes I actually needed. I’m a capsule convert and I’ll regularly create one if I feel myself becoming overwhelmed with what to wear.

I have always loved clothes and style, even as a child when mum would take us clothes shopping (we hit Bay Trading on many a Saturday!). In my early thirties, I realised my love of fast fashion was no longer bringing me joy – quite the opposite. I started to feel uneasy at the sheer volume of poor-quality items in the high street shops. Now, I’m on a mission to find clients (and myself!) beautiful alternatives that bring joy to the wearer and are good for the environment.

Levels of Shopping

  1. Shop a client’s own wardrobe
  2. Source second-hand or vintage
  3. Sustainable brands
  4. High street brands with good sustainable credentials

My definition of a sustainable brand is one that achieves a “Good” rating or above from “Good On You”.  If it has yet to be assessed by them, I will research their website and google them for their policies on workers, transparency and the environment.

I will always advise clients to look for quality pieces that will last. If my clients choose to use other high street brands or fast fashion outlets that is their choice but they will not be included in my recommendations.

Sustainable working practice

I try to practice what I preach as far as practical. Sustainability is about people, environment and economics.

My own wardrobe is a mix of old fast-fashion pieces (Quote from Joan Crawford “the most sustainable item is the one in your wardrobe”), second-hand, vintage and new items from sustainable brands. I sew my clothes too. I try to source fabric second-hand, reuse it or source it from suppliers selling sustainable fabrics. Making my own clothes gives me an appreciation of the time and skill (I’m getting there with my skill part!! Hahaha) required to make clothes.
The energy used in my office comes from providers supplying 100% renewable energy.

I will travel to clients and shopping trips either on foot, bike or public transport whenever practical (time, accessibility and weather permitting!), otherwise I will drive. For full disclosure, my current car is a diesel – it’s not economically viable for me to change it but the plan will be an eco-friendlier option when that opportunity arrives. No one is perfect but it’s the progress and plans to make better that are important!!

Diversity policy

I welcome opportunities to work with people from all walks of life, heritages, ages and genders.


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