When it comes to the ‘Spring Clean’, the wardrobe isn’t traditionally our first thought as a starting point. However, a good clear-out can be a cathartic exercise. Whilst our clothing holds emotions, both good and bad, I believe a wardrobe should be a place of joy but, for many, it is a daunting place to venture.    

  • Too many clothes but nothing to wear?  
  • Multiple sale items with tags on?   
  • A sea of black when you love colour?   
  • Holding onto clothes that no longer fit your body, lifestyle or style?  

These items hold negativity – they remind us of the money we have spent, our changing bodies, or a waste of valuable space.   

To get you started, here are my top tips for a successful wardrobe declutter:  

  1. Think about your lifestyle.  Do you have a corporate dress code to comply with? Do you spend time caring for small children? The proportions of your weekly tasks should be reflected in your wardrobe content.  
  1. Take everything out. Yes, even the items lurking, crumpled at the back!   Really get a sense of the scale of your wardrobe – where are the duplicates? Do you have 18 grey jumpers (Oh, I have definitely been guilty of this!)?
  1. Set out some space for three piles – Keep, Maybe and Nope!  
  1. Consider each piece:  
  • Does it suit me? (Colour and shape)  
  • Does it fit me?  
  • Does it fit my lifestyle?  
  • Does it suit my style personality?  
Gorgeous vintage shirts by Perry Merrity II on Unsplash

If all the answers are a yes, pop it back in the wardrobe with a smile! If they are all ‘Nope’… it’s got to go! Anything in between is for the ‘maybe’ pile – although if they have been selected for this pile, perhaps they don’t deserve a place in your new wardrobe?! Having said that, we need to keep those that don’t necessarily ‘rock our world’ but have specific jobs – around the house, sport, dog walks etc.  

  1. Let’s talk about the ‘nope’ pile. It’s OK to let things go. Give it a new home where someone else can love it!  Our bodies change over time – it is a natural and inevitable process. Moving our clothes on responsibly takes more effort but dramatically lowers their carbon footprint. Gift to friends and family, attend a clothes swap, donate to charity shops, resell or even upcycle them.  

You (and your wardrobe!) should now be feeling much lighter! By decluttering, you can see what you actually have. Take control of your future wardrobe spending by making a list of any gaps. Try sourcing these items from vintage shops, second-hand or sustainable brands first.  

Clothes that make you feel good will hold happier memories! Let me know if you give it a try… at worst, you’ll find the back of the wardrobe again!  

If you would like my help defining your style, finding your ‘wow’ colours or dressing for your shape, do contact me.  

Photo by Edu Lauton on Unsplash

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