What’s the difference between using my services and an online personalised shopping service?

There are a few personalised styling shopping services coming onto the market (e.g. Lookiero or Stitch Fix). Essentially, they are just that – a shopping service.  Normally there is a styling fee and then they send you clothes based on an initial questionnaire. If that is what works for you, then great.  

These online styling services will also show you how to style new items with more of their items that you can buy; I will show you how to pull outfits together from your current wardrobe or identify the actual gaps that exist. I will arm you with knowledge about your unique colouring and body shape so you feel confident to, shop for and dress yourself in the way that develops and showcases your style personality.

However, when you work with me, the entire experience will be tailored to you! When you are my client, it isn’t just about what you wear. We can work through body confidence issues, grooming requirements, goals setting. We can make SMART goals for where you want to be in life…. career change, fitness goals, feeling good post surgery – whatever it is, we can build your confidence and work on those goals!

We will go through your existing wardrobe first… who knows what treasures are lurking at the back!! Most people don’t wear 50% of their wardrobe and there’s usually something with the tags still on.  Let’s start with what you have.  If your wardrobe isn’t working for you, adding more items in won’t help.  Let’s strip it back and build it back up to suit your colouring, your body and lifestyle! 

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