I hear this a lot… “Oh, I’d love to use you when I lose/gain XX stone / had surgery / transitioned / other please specify……………….(*delete as appropriate). etc. etc. etc.

In the meantime, they have a wardrobe they hate – that doesn’t fit their changing body or the way they want to feel about themselves.

There are things that won’t change whilst you are in transition phase – the way you want to feel about yourself, your colours and your style personality. Your body shape may or may not change depending on your base structure and how/where you generally carry your weight.

My advice for clients who are in a phase with a changing body is:

  • Invest in secondhand – a new wardrobe doesn’t have to cost the earth
  • Go for quality classics that reflect your style personality- these can always be resold!
  • Find accessories in your “Wow Colours” – these bad boys are going to work, no matter what!
  • Be kind to yourself – you deserve to feel good about yourself now!

What’s the worst that can happen… you reach your goal weight and have to congratulate yourself to a new wardrobe??!… doesn’t sound so bad to me. When you start to dress in a way that showcases who you are, it can have a huge boost to confidence – you feel good about how you look RIGHT NOW!

Start treating yourself in the way you imagine you will once you have reached that goal weight. The way you feel about yourself today is more important than the image of tomorrow.

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